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BIND is an open source DNS software system including an authoritative server, a recursive resolver and related utilities.

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BIND 9.11 - ESV- EOL

BIND 9.11 is now End of Life. First released in 2016, this Extended Support Version will be supported (with security fixes ONLY) through March, 2022.

BIND 9.16 - Stable/Extended Support

BIND 9.16 introduced the KASP (Key and Signing Policy) tool, and also incorporated substantial refactoring of the network sockets, although this change is not user-visible. This version is recommended for production use. This is the 2020-2022 current stable branch. It will be supported for 4 years in total. Current ARM

BIND 9.18 - New Stable branch

BIND 9.18 is the new stable branch for 2022. This version will eventually be declared ESV and supported for 4 years in total. In addition to completing the network socket refactoring, this branch also includes BIND support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) two new encrypted transports for DNS. Current ARM


BIND 9 is licensed under MPL2.0.